Collection - Instruction - Control

The instruction is following a firmly defined flowchart. So it can be ensured that each safety-relevant range was explained.

Referring to this instruction, different questions out of a question pool compiled before are coincidentally selected. The answering occurs by means of a multiple Choice procedure.


After a successful instruction a digital certificate is provided, to issue a personal safety passport. This certificate can be printed out either by the tested person or on site by the plant security.


At an integrated download-area additional documents like site plans, building site orders, operating or process instruction, can be made available. Beyond that up to date location information refers to special danger potentials.

ASIP management is implemented via an on-line administration level that provides an overview and a permanent control of all safety passes.

With ASIP it is possible to integrate all commonly used media such as texts, pictures, charts, overview plans, 2D/3D animations, videos, audio/speakers as well all file types (e.g. as a download) in a clear and meaningful manner.

All contents are capable of expansion at any time and can optionally be independently updated. System version labelling guarantees ongoing documentation.



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