ASIP - interactive portal for health, safety & enviroment (HSE)

In practice, the instruction in safety procedures that is prescribed by law entails a high input of both time and organisational effort. The instruction programmes are often not very effective and thus fail to achieve the targeted level of protection. In many cases no verifiable documentation exists.

ASIP was developed to train in particular contractors but also the permanent staff in questions of occupational health and safety in a systematised manner.


ASIP carries out site-specific instruction in safety-related topics and can be used on-line or on-site. The fact that this training is certified leads to manpower resources and greater security in questions relating to legal liability.

The major advantages at a glance:

  • Site-specific instruction
  • Not tied to any specific location (on-line / on-site)
  • With certificate / safety pass
  • Flexible and expandable
  • Documented instruction
  • Gain in manpower resources
  • Increased security in questions relating to legal liability


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