Wide Range of Possible Applications

Instruction programmes of this kind have no main orientation to specific industries or business areas. The occupational health and safety portal ASIP can equally be used for administration sites, for complex large-scale engineering plants or for medium-sized businesses with differently structured networks of branch establishments. It is only the potential hazards and the site-specific or process-related special features that give rise to differences in the content and depth of the instruction programmes. ASIP is a made-to-measure tool that is designed due to the company's occupational health and safety system.

  • Trade and industry
  • The complexity of the systems employed in the automotive and chemical engineering industries, in steelmaking or also in the foodstuffs industry is growing all the time. ASIP familiarises personnel with existing documented procedures and points up potential hazards by means of multimedia presentations.
  • Utility supply and waste disposal
  • In the operation of power plants and disposal systems, efficiency and system stability are of paramount importance. A prerequisite for trouble-free operation are employees who always know exactly what is to be done. ASIP accomplishes precise instructions and verifies their effectiveness by means of questionnaires.
  • Administration and services
  • The maintenance of building complexes requires seamless work sequences and effective communications within the safety organisation. ASIP informs the contractors / subcontractors about special characteristics and provides fully up-to-date site information.

Irrespective of the field in which ASIP is applied, it improves operational safety, generates additional personnel resources and increases legal security in questions relating to liability.

Example Application

ASIP in operation at swb AG.


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