Why Instruction for Contractors / Subcontractors?

The more intensively companies concentrate on their core business, the more frequently internal tasks are sourced out. These do not have an employment relationship with the contracting company. Normally contracts for work or service agreements are concluded.

New or more complex safety risks may arise in the course of carrying out the work on the customer?s premises. This may entail an increased accident and health hazard. At the same time the permanent staff encounters employees of contractors / subcontractors with their own work objectives. Safety incidences cannot be excluded.

HSE Management

Besides the legal aspects, many companies envisage clear behavioural and procedural rules for all employees at the sites on which the company operates. The aim is to achieve a common safety standard for all persons. The data of the contractors / subcontractors are entered into the accident and occurrence statistics and are evaluated.

The occupational health and safety management system of the contractor / subcontractor is the basis. The specifications of OHSAS 18001 and definitions of the so-called OSHA-Standards (occupational injury & illness recording & reporting requirements ? OSHA Standard 29CFR1904) will be implemented / set up.


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